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Intranet Software Guide 2016

The Intranet Road Map is an intranet guide, portal and free resource for those creating a corporate intranet or those wanting to improve an existing intranet. To begin the intranet tutorial, select Start Intranet Road Map or select Introduction from the Table of Contents above.

This site is a full-service intranet resource offering such content as intranet design, intranet development, intranet articles as well as the new intranet features being added regularly. Be sure to take advantage of these valuable intranet resources.

This site is brought to you by Intranet Road Map network specialists. Intranet Road Map is an independent network of intranet and e-business specialists that have helped organizations streamline their internal business processes, better communicate with constituents and improve revenue generation. Clients include AT&T and NASA.

This web site has been a leading intranet resource since 1998 topping Google, Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, and many other top search engine popularity and relevancy rankings, with over 1,000,000 visitors since creation. We hope you enjoy your visit and find the intranet resources helpful, informative and relevant.

Ideal Partner For Your Intranet Software and Intranet Services !

We have over 18 years of intranet expertise since the beginning of the internet era. This web site has been an intranet leader since 1998 (how many other sites do you know from 1998?)

To partner with Intranet Road Map, or to discuss intranet business development opportunities, please contact us.

FREE Award Winning Intranet Guide and Tutorial

Download our award winning intranet guide and tutorial, featuring easy steps to manage a corporate intranet.

We have left the original copy as nearly everything from 1998 is still valid today; see if your organisation is meeting the intranet guiding principles and advantages outlined over 18 years ago!

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