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Welcome to Satcom Online, the online resource for anyone interested in Satellite communications. Here you will find access to articles, for both the novice and the expert. You will find articles broken up into shorter articles at the Satellite School, or longer articles in the Presentation section. You will also find calculators and a discussion forum. Please feel free to post any questions/problems you have in the forum - there will be people there to help.

A new addition to the site is the software section where you will find information on satcom related software products.

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Satellite Communications MasterclassesSat-Coord
Satellite Link and Interference Analysis and Satellite Frequency Coordination and ITU Radio Regulations MasterclassFor visual browsing of ITU space database files, intersystem interference calculation, intersystem frequency overlap analysis and frequency coordination support.
Satmaster Pro SoftwareSatSoft Satellite Antenna Design Software
Tool for link budgets, satellite aiming, modified polar mounts, dual feeds and sun outage prediction.SATSOFT is used for communication satellite antenna design, analysis, and coverage planning. Quickly assess antenna coverage and gain, conduct antenna trade studies, develop s...
System Noise Temperature And G/T CalculatorAntenna Diameter, Efficiency, Gain or Frequency Calculator
Input component noise and gain figures and calculate total system noise temperature and G/T values.Simply input three of the fields Antenna Diameter, Efficiency, Gain or Frequency and the other field will be calculated automatically for you.

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04/04/2020 02:00:07
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Calculate Azimuth And Elevation Angles
Lecture 1, General Principles
Lecture 3, Earth Segment
Antenna Diameter, Efficiency, Gain ...
Satellite Orbits

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